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Anoeska’s Easel Superset Made Shiftable

Jessa made  a request for Anoeska’s paintings to be made shiftable awhile back and as far as I can tell no one else has done it. 

Note: They shift but there are limitations — they only shift half way down the wall.

It’s the best I was able to do with the time I was willing to spend on this and I suspect I would not have been able to make these shift like normal paintings even if I dug deeper into it. Even though it’s limited you can still get a nice arrangement, especially with the smaller paintings, so I decided to share what I was able to do.   

The file names remain the same so if you already have the easels allow these files to overwrite the old ones.  If you’re downloading for the first time everything you need is included in the zip.  See Anoeska’s original upload thread for details.  

Credits:  These are entirely Anoeska’s work.  The only changes I made were the necessary BHAV edits to make them shift. 

Download @MediaFire

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