I originally created this account just to follow other simmers but now that I'm a little more familiar with tumblr I thought it would be nice to post my own content. Since I rarely play these days, it'll probably be mostly links to my CC.
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The Sims Trivia

Here’s a new Sims article, 15 Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know About The Sims, with some fun facts I didn’t know like:

In 2005, the French postal service La Poste commissioned a limited series of stamps entitled Heroes of Videogames. The Sims 2 was included among iconic heroes such as Link and Mario, indicating just how influential the series had become in five years.  —

source: The Sims UK

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News

Love this one!  lol

Love this one!  lol


Various Sims 4 Comparison Pictures

What do you think?

sources: Luke Production, Rincón del Simmer, Sims4Fan, and Sk8rblaze (via SimNation)

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News


Happy Valentines Day Simmers!



Alesso Diamonds

B-fly 62

Skysims: 134, 172

So cute, thank you! :)


The Sims 14th Anniversary

Can you believe it’s been 14 years?    



Do you remember the KraftKing Woodworking Table?

The woodworking skill from The Sims returns in The Sims 4.  We know little about the skill this time around other than focused Sims will do better at woodworking than others.

Although last month we did see what the new woodworking bench for The Sims 4 could potentially look like; the concept art hasn’t been confirmed to be for The Sims 4 and the artist stated it wasn’t.  

KraftKing Woodworking Table §720

This basic workbench comes complete with saw, mallet, chisel and vise. Increase your home improvement skills while creating unique objects for display or sale. Whether you are making decorative lawn ornaments, or miniature sculptures of loved ones, The KraftKing is guaranteed to blow you away!

This trip down memory lane was inspired by the upcoming anniversary of The Sims

Honeywell’s Sims 4 News

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14 new mirror meshes for your TS2 sims. If you’re just coming around, I uploaded select previews while I was working on some of the mirrors, so just check out my earlier posts.

From today, I’ll be on a simming hiatus and won’t be able to access my game for some time, but I’ll still be able to get online and will continue to follow everyone else’s simblrs.

Many thanks to those who reblogged my last post; I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have gotten 200 follows before my hiatus if it weren’t for your support


- EKNE mirrors are high poly (~2500 poly for the oval frames) because the low poly versions fell apart when the camera zoomed out

- all other meshes are lower in poly count than the Maxis base mirrors they were cloned from

- MALM, 6-drawer chest requires IKEA. The other mirrors are base-game compatible

- baubles, trinkets, and other teeny tiny clutter cannot be moved or recoloured once placed in the jewelry box. Larger clutter, like bottles, can. Anyone who uses OMSPs should know about this annoyance, but here’s a note just in case.

- If you do not already have jewelry clutter for your box, you can get some from blackpearlsims.

- special thanks to Honeywell, mustluvcatz, and Leefish for showing me how to get my slots working

Hope you find this 200 gift useful!

Thanks for the encouragement~

Download: IKEA Add-Ons Mirror Collection

They’re wonderful, Nanashi.  Thank you. :)



(Almost) 100 Followers Gift

Blackwater Cove An old, abandoned, spooky house for your sims, This creepy house has 3 bedrooms, two baths, kitchen, dining, livingroom, and a small tower room. Mostly unfurnished, built on a 4x4 lot using UNI, NL, OFB, Pets, SSN, BV, FT, AL, & M&G. Lot price: $91,322.

I would like to thank the following creators for the cc used:



For more pics, including floorplan:

Please use cleaninstaller for any items you do not want/already have.


casually bites through a pencil

It’s perfect, simgrl!  Well done. :)


Fjordnsord, tiered shelving recolors of Honeywell’s set of the same name. Yes, I’m lazy. Comes in my five amelia colors and textures, and works very well with the Cassandre DOTY 2010 recolors.

Download @ Dropbox (meshes not included!)

These are gorgeous, thank you! :)

And another pic from Ray Mazza

Ray Mazza, creative director for The Sims 4, reminiscing about The Sims 2


A kitten with a plumbbob! 

What could be cuter?  Reply with cute Simsy pics!


Honeywell’s Sims 4 News